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Fear at #Financial Abuse

Healing Outload…I am so Blessed to be apart of such a wonderful online community…We Got This….I Just Know We Do

Financial Abuse is Domestic Violence

When my husband was home I lived in a constant state of fear not from him hitting me but from his words. He never spoke to me unless he was yelling screaming and calling me names. Now I live from the fear of not knowing whats going to happen to me. If someone is going to come to the door with bad news.  I can’t seem to find anyway to get someone to help me. I wash dishes, fold clothes and clean up my neighbors kitchens for them being so kind sharing their food with me because that’s all I have. I need some kind of way to at least get some temporary support from my husband. If anyone reading this have suggestions please let me know.  I use to not be able to sleep because I was hungry now I don’t sleep because I am so worried.

PS. I…

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Life Lessons from 2016

This Is FANTASTIC LIZ C. Thank You…Bless You

Stay Strong, Daily Warrior!

This is a long one (but worth it, promise). Here’s a song to listen to while reading. Enjoy!

Hi Daily Warriors!

It’s almost the end of the year, and most of us can’t help but reflect on all that’s happened so far. Hence, I listed down the learning experiences I encountered in the past few months.

1. Prayer works wonders.

I’m an imperfect person who messes up so many times, and I tend to get too ashamed to even talk to God sometimes. Even so, when I’m at my darkest… I can’t help but get on my knees and pray.

There are times when everything just gets to be too much, and I feel like giving up. I have nothing to hope for, no one to hold on to. When people pray for me, and I release my heart out to God… I just get that peace beyond understanding. It’s comforting.

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You are a Survivor and have so much to offer victims to become survivor’s

ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

Jourenii Johnson (Courtesy of Inside Edition and YouTube)

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Prov. 22: 6).

The Amazingly Authentic Confidence Program at Grambling State University helps grow the self-esteem of girls between the ages of 5 and 19 [1].  Girls in this age range are considered most vulnerable.

The program goes to some unusual lengths.  Five year old Jourenii Johnson was recently given the chance to teach a group of college students.  With total confidence, the little girl – who wants one day to become a teacher – informed the class that bullying is not a good thing.  She, also, instructed students not to use their cell phones in class.

Kudos to Grambling State!  How beautiful it is to see our children nurtured!

One cannot help but think of all those who…

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I am #Financially abused

Let’s come together and take a stand to STOP DOMESTIC ABUSE

Financial Abuse is Domestic Violence

I decided to use WordPress to create a sort of personal journal that i could share with anyone that reads it about the crisis i find myself in at this stage of my life. I need to be able to express what I am feeling and what obstacles I am running into to recover from years of financial abuse. I want to engage with any one who can give me wisdom. I want to share everything I am going thru in order to maybe help someone else. First off I have  no money, no car, nothing in a couple of weeks I will be homeless. I have lived in this house since 1997 raised my sons here and before my husband changed it was ok. But now since he decided to use not paying the mortgage as part of his punishment I will soon be asked to leave due to…

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