The Hunted

A television show has been advertised that reminds me of something I can hardly believe was said out load much less to me…Every time I see the advertisement for The Hunted I feel sick and start to cry….

My ex-husband told me once that he was going to kidnap me…take me into an airplane….put a collar on my neck….throw me out of the airplane….and hunt me…that if the wild animals did not kill me he would.



5 thoughts on “The Hunted

  1. jazzyjenness says:

    Yes, that is horrible, and I am glad as well that eh is in jail and you no longer have to physically deal with him. I don’t understand why our society feels that shows like The Hunted are entertainment. Our society and media give too much information, too much of our country’s strategically planned ideas to those who should not be aware of it. Why not just tell the terrorists and criminals how to get away with the crime?
    Be well and keep the faith!

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