Fear at #Financial Abuse

Healing Outload…I am so Blessed to be apart of such a wonderful online community…We Got This….I Just Know We Do

Financial Abuse is Domestic Violence

When my husband was home I lived in a constant state of fear not from him hitting me but from his words. He never spoke to me unless he was yelling screaming and calling me names. Now I live from the fear of not knowing whats going to happen to me. If someone is going to come to the door with bad news.  I can’t seem to find anyway to get someone to help me. I wash dishes, fold clothes and clean up my neighbors kitchens for them being so kind sharing their food with me because that’s all I have. I need some kind of way to at least get some temporary support from my husband. If anyone reading this have suggestions please let me know.  I use to not be able to sleep because I was hungry now I don’t sleep because I am so worried.

PS. I…

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