GPS Monitoring And VPO’s….A Must…. For Violent Offenders and VPO Violators

I was NOT granted GPS monitoring with my VPO….

He violated the VPO 126 times….he had 4 entrances to my house thru the attic….he is a master wood artist…and can make or build anything….I guess he built a hidden trap door on my roof….I have no idea how he did all he did….I changed the locks and the next day he tried to unlock the door….when he pulled the keys out of his pocket a coin dropped….I know I was spiritually protected because I happened to be just on the other side of the door and heard the coin drop….terror went through me….it took me a couple of minutes to get everything I needed to run…when I opened the front door his machete was right there….I had just come home about 10 minutes earlier so I know the machete was not there when I walked in…I grabbed it…thru it in the trunk of my car and left fast….called the police of course….he would also turn the water on just outside my bedroom window…so I would hear it and know he was just a few feet from me….There are so many more times…I’m sure I’ll tell you about later….

Have I told you yet that he had the electricity turned off?….which was paid by me because he had not worked in a year since his son committed suicide…. I paid everything…turning it off is a violation of my VPO….but the police did not have it turned back on…seriously…and he had already been to prison for kidnapping me….

oh my goodness I am embarrassed to tell you everything that happened because I stayed…or went back 1000 times…WOW….why? Oh my God….why?….seriously y’all…

I have severe Complex PTSD and Chronic Panic Disorder anyway from when he held me hostage and almost killed me….and with him violating the VPO all the time I have no idea why the Judge did not grant me with the security of knowing if he was close….he did grant me a “Lifetime VPO” thankfully….it took 8 months for them to put him back in prison so I lived in terror the entire time….the effects of this terror are so intense….The Judge said he had never heard of GPS monitoring with VPO’s….I found this article on OK.GOV….why didn’t he or my legal aid attorney who won’t even help me get a divorce….but I’ll talk about that soon….

I am not sure how to get this taken care of….but I will…..please let me know if you know what step’s I need to take….Please and Thank Yougps-monitoring-and-vpo

This is the article I read last night….JUST BELOW…on OK.GOV


New GPS Law Will Protect Women from Abusers

State Senator Debbe Leftwich said a new law to help curtail attacks on women marks a significant change in how Oklahoma deals with domestic violence. Leftwich was present when Gov. Brad Henry conducted a ceremonial bill signing of SB 2163 at the State Capitol on Wednesday. Leftwich said the statute will take advantage of Global Positioning System Technology (GPS) to better protect domestic abuse victims.

”According to the Oklahoma Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board, our state is tenth in the nation for women murdered by men. Most of those women were in the process of trying to leave their abusers when they were killed, and many had obtained Orders of Protection,” said Leftwich, D-Oklahoma City. ”Too often, that piece of paper does nothing to deter abusers from attacking again.”

In 20 percent of domestic homicides reviewed, Orders of Protection had been utilized. In 67 percent of the cases where a protective order was active at the time of the homicide, the defendant had violated the order prior to the homicide.

”We need to be able to create a zone of safety for these women. With GPS tracking, we can do that,” Leftwich said.

The devices, which will be court-issued, will automatically notify both the victim and law enforcement officials if the perpetrator violates the geographic boundaries set by the court.

”Basically, this helps create an electronic zone of safety and a way to prevent another attack should the abuser violate those boundaries,” Leftwich said. ”By using GPS, we are taking a proactive approach toward domestic abuse, and hopefully we’ll be able to save lives.”

Additional Information

Communications Division
State Capitol
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
422 State Capitol Bldg.

Oklahoma City, OK 73105


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