Emotional Abuse




Thank You Dr. Linda Martinez-Lewi


2 thoughts on “Emotional Abuse

  1. oldpoet56 says:

    I as a guy had never really thought of myself as a receiver of domestic abuse before because I had always thought of it as women being mistreated by men, whether husbands or from boyfriends. Every single woman that I have known personally in my life has said that at one time or another a man (I use that term very lightly) has beaten on them, this whole concept just makes me sick. Yet as I pondered making this comment I thought a bit deeper and realized that clinically speaking I have suffered through many years of clinical abuse even as a male. 1) A very hateful abusive Dad, then 2) I had two very abusive hateful cheating wives 3) One of my children that I have raised for a period of 9 years (while he did not realise that he was actually loved by his parents) was quite the little monster toward us.—–What I have grown to realise is that in all of my personal cases, the issue with these hateful people was that they all had psych issues. I do not know if that is why men hit on women but to me it would seem that mental issues do need to be looked at. My older brother had three wives and he beat on all 3 of them, he even did so when 2 of them were pregnant, in every case it was when he was drunk and of course when he sobered up he never remembered any of it. I do know as a fact that he had psych issues which included his being a ‘major depressive’. He died at 43 from an aneurism, all drinking, no eating, heavy smoking.

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    • Domestic Abuse Survivor And Friend says:

      Thank You for talking to me like this…You are a Survivor of Abuse as well…and YES men are abused by women, children, parents just like women….It is just NOT OK for anyone to hurt anyone…Thank You again for really talking to me…please keep in touch…I need encouragement and you really helped me today…1000’s of Blessings from me to you


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