1 Bite In The Right Direction


Food is nourishing for our bodies and our minds. I am sure most of you just nourish your bodies daily without much worry.   I know that for me nourishing my body with food was not very easy and at times just couldn’t happen.

Nourishing Food is so important for energy, brain power and healing from Domestic Abuse and many other situations that cause us pain.

What I consider a “My Normal Life” where I cooked a sit down family dinner every night had become a distant memory. I would day dream about cooking for my family and setting the table. I love fresh flowers so I always had fresh flowers of some sort on the table. OK…honestly I love fresh flowers through out my house.

So for me I heal a little bit more every time I cook prepare a pretty table and we eat. My children are grown so they don’t eat with us often. I now live with one of my best friends of 26 years, she loves to eat my dinners so “Lucky Me”. I get to heal a bit more every single day just by cooking with love and sharing it with an awesome friend.






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