Thoughts Become Things…Think The Good Ones



We can survive and not be defeated by the  abuse done to us. We have to make a conscious decision and  huge changes to make it happen. It can be done.

Realizing one day that I was being treated horrible and I was not happy at all,  I thought to myself well it’s good that if I make giant changes my life could be better at least.   I know for a fact that the clearer my vision is about what I want my life to be like it changes quicker. Making a list of the things that make me happy and beginning to think about these things that made me happy was the first thing on my list. Making a vision board with everything that will make me happy help me create it fast. Realizing I will most likely have step that I have to take in order to bring get to it. For example if a different career is what would make happy because I would be doing something I love. Schooling for that career may be something I need to do before I can get the job.

The more we think about new more productive things the faster they come. When we become aware that we are having an a negative thought pattern I try not to beat myself up about it and just get back to thinking about what I am creating that will make me happier. The same holds true for negative self talk about ourselves. It is really OK to think good thought’s about ourselves. Making a list of things we like about ourselves helps to move into positive self talk. Kind of like becoming friends with ourselves.

Which takes me to I will pick up the pieces and build myself stronger than ever. I am a survivor and I will overcome what happened. Won’t you please join me in being better and happier than ever. If I can do it I know you can do it.

Thought’s Become Thing’s…Think The Good Ones





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