From One Domestic Violence Survivor To Another

If you are in immediate danger please call 911…If you are in a Domestic Violence relationship and need a safety plan please call THE NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE 1-800-799-7233.

I had to escape to survive the Domestic Violence marriage I was in. I am so grateful for Sara the Domestic Violence Advocate thru my local police department because I survived…well honestly the first time I survived I escaped by seeing my chance to run when he went to the bathroom… I still do not know how long I had been held hostage… I couldn’t remember hardly anything for about 3 months…I ran for my life with only a t-shirt on which he pulled off of me trying to catch me…But I kept running naked down a very busy street and into a business where they wrapped me in something and called for help…He was arrested for running into a ditch and got a DUI…The state charged him with Kidnapping me and he was sent to prison…

When he got out his son my stepson committed suicide and I talked to him again I am embarrassed to say…but I did…and as you can well imagine it happened again….only worse…not only did I almost loose my life he robbed me of everything I owned…EVERYTHING…my cars…my computers…TV’s…light fixtures….dishes…cookware…every single thing I had…I escaped, filed for a VPO which I was granted a “Lifetime VPO”….when the Sheriff removed him from my home it took 4 hours as he had barricaded himself and a girlfriend of mine of 15 years in my home…in which they were unloading the remaining items he had not already removed and hidden…so

I am so glad I am here writing to you….and I am so glad  you are here reading my letter “From One Domestic Violence Survivor To Another”…This first note is just to let you know I understand….I hope we can help each other to not only survive but to thrive as we recreate or lives…Sending you 1000’s of Blessings to you.


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