I am rising and getting stronger

It has been along time since I have been able to write. I know for certain that abuse can come from so called friends as well as spouse’s. Writing and tending to my Abuse Survivor Community and building my Healing Hangout as well as my school at Colorado Technical University was put on hold when a enemy who appeared as a friend took the computer from me. Nothing will stop me from succeeding. Things may have to be on hold while I handle the situation and get back up. But that is it. I am on a mission to help other’s escape and survive abuse as well as provide for myself and my family and that is all I see. I have missed many of you and am so excited to hear from you. I’ve got an appointment tomorrow 2-28-17 at Oklahoma City’s new awesome Domestic Violence Family Justice Center “. I am so excited and feeling strong. I got this. And so do you.


I have missed you

I have thought about all of you so many times over the holiday’s….I have sent you ESPN messages (in the words of my daughter XOXO) of warm wishes…safety…happiness…hearing loving kind word…laughter…love…abundance…passion

I have missed you….reading your wonderful blogs….communicating with you….you have become such a special part of my day….I am so grateful you are here….that we are here together….supporting each other….healing together….cooking friends recipes….admiring friends artwork…embracing poems from friends heart and soul….reading fantastic works of art….

You know what I mean….how we truly care for each other….I am honored to be apart of such an outstanding elite group of artists….whom I deeply care about….and truly miss when things get so busy I can not find enough hours in the day to get it all in….with the holiday’s….starting school at Colorado Technical University earning a degree in Web Development and Web Design….supporting my high school friend who was wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit….the evidence proves his innocence….and I hurt so deeply for him….talk about Healing from CPTSD….anyway….this is where I have been…missing you all and wishing you all everything wonderful….So I am figuring out how to fit it all in….even if it is 1:46am….I am now off to bed with a smile I have had an awesome day…Knowing “I Got This”…”You Got This”…”We Might Not Have It All Together….But….Together We Have It All”




The Hunted

A television show has been advertised that reminds me of something I can hardly believe was said out load much less to me…Every time I see the advertisement for The Hunted I feel sick and start to cry….

My ex-husband told me once that he was going to kidnap me…take me into an airplane….put a collar on my neck….throw me out of the airplane….and hunt me…that if the wild animals did not kill me he would.


Michael Skakel Update


Wrongly Convicted Group Website

On October 31, 1975, the body of Martha Moxley, a 15-year-old girl, was found on her family property in the Belle Haven section of Greenwich, Connecticut. Her blue jeans and underpants were pulled down, she had been struck several times in the head with a Toney Penna golf club—so ferociously that the club had shattered into multiple pieces—and then stabbed in the neck with the broken shaft. The club’s handle and part of the shaft were not found.

Martha was last seen alive around 9:30. Based on stomach contents, experts estimated that the time of death was between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.  Barking dogs, Martha’s curfew, and Dorthy Moxley’s testimony that she heard Martha cry out around 10:00 all suggested the murder occurred around 10 p.m (see note 1 below ).

Three witnesses—John Skakel, Jim Terrien, and Rush Skakel Jr. maintained from the first time they were questioned that they had left…

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Fear at #Financial Abuse

Healing Outload…I am so Blessed to be apart of such a wonderful online community…We Got This….I Just Know We Do

Financial Abuse is Domestic Violence

When my husband was home I lived in a constant state of fear not from him hitting me but from his words. He never spoke to me unless he was yelling screaming and calling me names. Now I live from the fear of not knowing whats going to happen to me. If someone is going to come to the door with bad news.  I can’t seem to find anyway to get someone to help me. I wash dishes, fold clothes and clean up my neighbors kitchens for them being so kind sharing their food with me because that’s all I have. I need some kind of way to at least get some temporary support from my husband. If anyone reading this have suggestions please let me know.  I use to not be able to sleep because I was hungry now I don’t sleep because I am so worried.

PS. I…

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Life Lessons from 2016

This Is FANTASTIC LIZ C. Thank You…Bless You

Stay Strong, Daily Warrior!

This is a long one (but worth it, promise). Here’s a song to listen to while reading. Enjoy!

Hi Daily Warriors!

It’s almost the end of the year, and most of us can’t help but reflect on all that’s happened so far. Hence, I listed down the learning experiences I encountered in the past few months.

1. Prayer works wonders.

I’m an imperfect person who messes up so many times, and I tend to get too ashamed to even talk to God sometimes. Even so, when I’m at my darkest… I can’t help but get on my knees and pray.

There are times when everything just gets to be too much, and I feel like giving up. I have nothing to hope for, no one to hold on to. When people pray for me, and I release my heart out to God… I just get that peace beyond understanding. It’s comforting.

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